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Begin running your first test suite in under 3 minutes.

Blazing Fast Tests

Massive Concurrency

We use massive concurrency to run your tests as fast as possible. Our standard plan comes with 60X concurrency and we scale higher depending on need.

Pre-built Environments

Additional concurrency is not helpful if you spend all the time rebuilding your environment. We maintain your pre-built workers between runs so they are ready to go as soon as you need them. No building required.

The Fastest CI/CD

The combination of massive concurrency and pre-built workers means brisk is the fastest way to run your tests. We redesigned CI from the ground up for speed and we are by far the fastest CI/CD on the market.

“Brisk is faster and easier than building and maintaining our own CI infrastructure. If you've felt the pain of slow CI, you know how huge of a productivity cost it is, and Brisk directly improved engineering velocity by solving this problem for us.”

David Zeng - Beacons.ai
David Zeng
CTO, Beacons.ai

“Integeration with Github Actions took less than an hour, now our React tests run in under 12 seconds and it's reassuring to know that as we add more tests, that number will stay constant.”

Michael Graham - Alpha.io
Michael Graham
CTO, Alpha.io

We Support Your Tools and Testing Framework

We work with all major languages and testing frameworks. If it runs on linux it will run on our platform. We have dedicated project support for most major framework/language combinations.


We integerate with your CI/CD pipeline:

Github Actions
Travis CI

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