Getting Started Set Up A Github Action

Custom Github Action

Brisk CI is a custom Github Action that you can add to your repository. It will run on every push to your repository and will run your tests.

To get started, create a new file in your repository called


and add the following contents:

name: Brisk CI
on: [push]
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: Check out repository code
        uses: actions/checkout@v3
      - name: Install Brisk
        uses: brisktest/setup-brisk@v1.1
          brisk_version: 'latest'
          api_token: '${{ secrets.BRISK_APITOKEN }}'
          api_key: '${{ secrets.BRISK_APIKEY }}'
          config_file: 'brisk-ci.json'
      - name: Run Brisk
        run: brisk

You will need to get an API key and API token from Brisk. You can either do that using the CLI or from this website.

We recommend using the CLI as you can then run the tests locally and make sure they work before pushing to Github. You will also be able to run tests locally without having to push to Github.

However if you want to run the github action at the same time as pre-commit tests you will need to configure a seperate project (again you can do this using the CLI). The most straightforward way is to use a seperate project file for the github action. In the example above we have called this file "brisk-ci.json" and it contains the configuration specific to the github action. Below you will see more information on setting up your project and logging in.

Getting Started Download the Latest CLI

First thing you will need to do is download the binary for your architecture and os. Linux and OSX are available here, reach out to us at support if you need other platforms and we can build it for you.

For Linux

Download the binary and move it to your PATH, usually in the /usr/local/bin directory.

Download Brisk for Linux

For Mac OSX with Intel

Brisk for Mac OSX with Intel

For Mac OSX with Arm

Download Mac OSX with Arm

Next Steps Sign Up For an Account

If you haven't already, create an account on this site. You will need this in order to create a project and run your tests.

Make sure and confirm your account by clicking the link in the email we send you.

Logging In Logging In with the CLI

Run the command

brisk login

This will open a web browser and log in to your account on It will download your credentials and store them in your home directory. The default location for the config file is


Your First Project Create Your First Project

In the root directory of your project run the command

brisk project init rails

To create a new Rails project.

Or run the command

brisk project init jest

To create a new Jest project.

This command will create a new project on and initialize a brisk.json file in your project directory with default values and your project information.

The project will be on the free plan to begin. You can always upgrade to a paid plan later if you need additional concurrency. The free plan does have 5X concurrency so you should be able to see significant speed improvements.

Configure the Project Edit the brisk.json file.

The configuration will work with a barebones vanilla project, but you will probably need to add build steps and other configuration for your specific project.

Your First Run Running Brisk

The command


In your project root without additional commands starts brisk and executes your first run.

Support Email Us

We are happy to help you get started. Email us at with any questions you might have and we'll respond as quickly as possible.