Rails Beta is Public Access

Rails Beta is Public Access
Photo by Joshua Fuller / Unsplash

We've been running a private Rails Beta (thanks to everyone who has given us awesome feedback). It's time now to open up access to the general public.

Our private beta users mostly use rspec so that is the default setup at the moment. However Minitest also works fine.

Current beta users use both local (pre-commit) Brisk and BriskCI (through Github Actions and Bitbucket Pipelines) although we can help you get setup in your CI/CD pipeline of choice.

As a reminder we offer huge concurrency (60x) combined with persisted build environments. Keeping the environments around means that we get the benefit of those extra workers (and you don't spend all the time setting up your environment).

To initialize your project type.

brisk project init rails

Check out our docs or the site to get started.