Welcome To Brisk

Welcome To Brisk

Running test suites has become so slow and unwieldy that nobody runs them locally anymore.

Running your test suite locally takes a large quantity of time, turns your computer into a hot mess, renders it completely unusable or all of the above.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Enter Brisk.

Brisk is a new way to run your test suites. It's a simple idea, we sync your development directory and execute the tests across a large quantity of workers to give you blazing fast test runs all in your local environment.

To be clear, the tests aren't running locally, cause you don't have a super computer on your desk (I'm sure someone out there does, and to you I say kudos!). But the experience is a local one. Brisk runs in your terminal (or integrated in your IDE) and we can execute your tests so fast that we can run all of your test suite on every file save.

You can now know within seconds if the change you are making will break your app or not.

No more committing to CI and going to get a coffee.

No more random git comments "running tests", "running tests again".

No more coming back from your coffee, seeing a typo that blew up the tests and committing again.

Just seamless updates in the background as you code.

Check out quick video demo showing the process on a real test suite.