What is Brisk?

What is Brisk?

Brisk is a new way of running your tests from your terminal.

It makes running your tests from your local machine extremely fast.

When you run your tests with Brisk we sync your development directory and distribute your tests among our remote workers streaming the results back into your terminal.

You get the power and ease of the local development experience with vast concurrency to speed up your test runs.

This results in huge speed ups in how long it takes to run your tests. Instead of your tests taking the sum of their individual run times, now your tests can complete in the time it takes for your longest test to run.

Check out a demo.

This translates into higher programmer momentum and less interruptions and distractions.

Brisk is platform and framework agnostic. That said the places we think it will make the biggest impact right away are with web frameworks such as Rails and Node.

What Brisk is not.

Brisk is not a new test framework.

Brisk is not a competitor for Rspec or Jest.

Brisk is not a CI tool (yet - we could easily integrate with git to run CI tests post commit).

Brisk is not a distributed build tool.

Brisk is not a magic way to write test (you'll just have to do it the hard way).